Knowledge Of Tin Cans

- Sep 03, 2018-

The origin of Huposimia (present-day Czech Republic and Slovakia). The place since ancient times rich in metal technology advanced, and know how to use hydraulic machinery manufacturing, since 14th century began to produce tinplate.

In a long-time general Period, here has been the world's main producer of Tinplate.

Tinplate was used mainly to make tableware and drinking utensils. In the 17th century, Britain, France and Sweden had hoped to establish their own tinplate industry, but they needed a lot of money. So the delay has not been developed. It was not until 1811, when Blaine Tang Jin and John Hall opened tinned tinned food, that tinplate production developed on a large scale. Today the world produces about 250,000 tonnes of tin a year, more than One-third of which are used to make tinplate, most of which are used in canned food. This can only be a legend, if anyone saw it, it is estimated that few people in the world can see, I do not see.