Shenzhen Xinyiyang Packaging Co.,Limited

With over 10+ years’ experience in the tinplate box packaging industry, our team at Shenzhen Xinyiyang Packaging Co., Limited can help you to make your own tin packaging a success. We are specialized in supplying tinplate box packaging for tea, chocolate, sweets, biscuits, cosmetics, also in various other fields like tobacco, stationery, gift, candles, and games in a variety of industries.

Hot Products

    • Candy Tin Box

      Candy Tin Box

      China candy tin box, food grade material packaging, from direct tin factory. Welcome to purchase candy can made in China. As one of the leading tin candy box manufacturers, we supply superior candy metal container.

    • Chocolate Tin Box

      Chocolate Tin Box

      China chocolate tin box, with custom design decorative printing, from original tin factory in China. As one of the leading tin chocolate box suppliers, we offer cheap chocolate metal container packaging. Welcome to buy chocolate tin can made in China.