How To Design A Compelling Iron Box

- Sep 03, 2018-

1, concise printing, but beautiful pattern, as long as the design, according to the film output copy can be printed. After printing with stamping machine molding is.

2, low cost, do a batch of iron box packaging ten thousand or twenty thousand of the maximum amount of fifty thousand or sixty thousand Yuan. And fifty thousand or sixty thousand yuan order carton industry also thousands of quantity.

3, the packaging hardness is high, tinplate generally made into iron box products thickness is 0.23mm minimum 0.20 thickness, high thickness can be to 0.35mm.

4, iron box can also be used with other materials products, iron box packaging can be put into paper box, or wooden box with design, without losing high-grade.

5, each is a brand, now 2000 years advocated is the brand power. Every round can or small iron box is your brand's propaganda power.