What Are The Characteristics And Advantages Of Tin Box?

- Sep 03, 2018-

First, tinplate has a good sealing The barrier of the packaging container to air and other volatile gases is important for the preservation of nutrients and sensory qualities.

Compare the various fruit juice packaging containers to prove that the oxygen transmittance of the container directly affects the browning of the fruit juice and vitamin C, low oxygen transmittance of metal cans, glass and foil laminated layers, cartons of vitamin C preservation and the best iron cans.

Second, Tinplate has a non-transparent In addition to causing deterioration in food, light can also cause changes in protein and amino acids. And vitamin C is more susceptible to light exposure to other food components, resulting in a large loss. According to research and analysis shows that

Transparent glass bottles of milk, vitamin C loss than the dark bottle of milk 14 times times higher, the light will also make milk oxidation odor, as well as radionuclide, methionine and other lysis and loss of nutritional value, the mouth of the iron can make

Vitamin C has the highest retention rate.

Tin in tinplate has a reduction effect Tin on the inner wall of tinplate and the oxygen in the container after filling, reduce the chance of oxidation of food ingredients.

The reduction of tin, the flavor and color of light fruit, fruit juice has a good preservation effect, so use not The canned fruit juice can be preserved better than other packaged fruit juices, the browning changes slightly, the flavor quality is better, and the shelf life is prolonged.