The meaning and positioning of tin box proofing

- Sep 03, 2018-

Tin box is a kind of box, the material is tinplate. Because of the characteristics of tinplate, good ductility, anti-oxidation ability, and it can do printing, not easy to break, can be made into various shapes, convenient transportation, packaging is the first choice, according to the function can be divided into cigarette boxes, candy boxes, tea cans, coffee cans, health care products box, perfume box, watch box, card box, CD box, gift Wine boxes, ginseng cans, chocolate boxes, game boxes, ashtrays and other iron box innovation is now increasingly changing, the former Arc angle packaging, Box now many places have been made of high-precision right-angled technology. This is a new innovation in the industry of the horse mouth iron box. Hand-pushed horse mouth iron box, box shape for rectangular iron box, the bottom of the box with respect to the outside of the concave edge, the depth of the punch with the same height of the roll edge, the box bottom and the box body after coiling, the structure of the box lid is more complex, the lid of the edge of the volume, the end of the lid of the cut-off behind the lid.

The hand-push function is realized when the lid is closed. So what is the meaning of the horse mouth iron box proofing? The Iron box proofing is to make the product quality to obtain the predetermined craft design effect the necessary way, the iron box proofing has the Iron box proofing out the Iron Box sample is also examines the printing plate production whether conforms to the printing actual effect the craft measure. It can be said that the iron box proofing It is to communicate the quality of Seihan and the actual printing conditions of the relationship between the bridge. In particular, some fine products have been the price of the Iron box proofing Some of the special process, but also through the Iron box proofing to obtain a better print quality effect. If you do not pass the Iron box proofing blindly production, it is very easy to produce printing quality problems, and may even cause significant economic losses. The basic requirements of the quality control of the iron box proofing, through the Iron box proofing can check the printing plate in the actual production of the print results and samples of iron box sample can be achieved the basic consistency, this purpose requires the Iron box proofing, to carefully check the layout size, text content, layout registration, tonal levels and hue, ink uniformity, etc. Whether with the Iron box samples and customer requirements are close, of course, the ultimate goal of proofing is to sell, quality samples to usher in the favor of customers.