Shape properties and characteristics of iron box packaging container

- Sep 03, 2018-

With the progress of productivity, the rapid development of economy, people's consumption concept has been transition from rational consumption to emotional consumption. People's level of demand has been more on the basis of material satisfaction on the psychological and spiritual level of satisfaction, those who only meet the use of this function of low-priced products, can no longer attract the interest of consumers, people more to the fast-paced, efficient and the pursuit of personalized, high tasting new products.

Iron box Packaging design in the market survey, the designer to respond to consumer preferences, interest, the need for similar product sales, customer feedback to fully understand, in order to examine the market's potential consumption of the idea, the advantages and disadvantages of the previous similar products analysis. Enterprises in the market operation, on the one hand, according to the specific target market, the full consideration of various external circumstances, on the other hand, marketing strategy planning.

And designers should pay close attention to the development of new technology, product market intentions, master first-hand information, the new technology, the process of applying to the product of the update upgrade of the box packaging, design must adapt to such changes, and to fully consider the product properties, volume, weight, shape and other factors.

Iron box packaging container shape and structure design should be based on product attributes and characteristics, combined with the market and consumer needs to develop, and will function, material, materials, etc. to consider, targeted, diversified design. In the target market, we should conduct in-depth market examination, starting from the demand of the target consumer, developing new products and new iron box packaging, using all marketing means, opening the market, entering the market, meeting the demand of the target consumer, or manufacturing the consumer's demand. In the packaging design of iron box designers must constantly strengthen the marketing awareness of the market.