Process Technology of iron box and carton making

- Sep 03, 2018-

With the development of society and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, consumers in the purchase of goods, in addition to the intrinsic quality of goods, for the packaging of goods also put forward higher requirements. This includes both the product packaging and decoration design requirements, but also the quality of the packaging after the printing process requirements.

The local compaction of the printed material, producing traces, so that there is a certain bump in space is called indentation. Indentation processing technology, originally used only in paper packaging box molding, and then gradually applied to all kinds of printed matter surface processing, especially the relatively high-grade carton, carton, trademark, artwork and other surface finishing processing. Now, indentation technology is one of the most important means to realize packaging design, not only plays an important role in the final quality and effect of packaging, but also improves the artistic effect of printed matter to a large extent, endows the new function of print, and has become an important means of value-added and promotion of printed matter. Therefore, indentation technology has been more and more attention by the industry, the scope of use is more and more extensive. However, in the die-cutting indentation process, often a series of problems, the impact of the smooth production, to this end, the horizontal flat die-cutting machine in the production of die-cut indentation common problems as an example of the analysis, hope that the actual production has helped.