Iron Box Rust Solution

- Sep 03, 2018-

Iron box is made of iron, we all know that iron is easy to rust, rust is a chemical reaction, when the iron products long-term exposure to the air and oxygen oxidation reaction will produce rust.  

In order to prevent the iron box rust, we will be galvanized on the iron, spray paint and other processes to prevent oxidation and corrosion, which can protect the iron box from acid and alkali corrosion, to protect the inside of the iron box is not contaminated, in order to effectively prevent the iron box scratches on the surface or the paint is scraped off, the place that was scraped away easily rusty, First of all, we need to know that humid environment is the most easy to make the iron box rusty, when we put the iron box, we should look for a cool dry place. The chemical instability of iron is easy to react with oxygen in the air or in water. We try not to put some sharp things in the box when we use them, do not damage the paint on the surface of the iron box. Do not force excessive when moving the iron box, lest fall on the ground to remove the lacquer on the surface of the iron box. Finally, the iron box surface can be coated with a layer of rust-proof or metal curing agent, can effectively avoid iron and air direct contact.