Iron Box Market usage trends

- Sep 03, 2018-

1) Moon cakes, sweets, biscuits, cookies, specialty dried fruit and other products such as iron box (CAN).

2) All kinds of tea, tobacco, wine and other products outside the horse mouth Iron box (CAN)

3) All kinds of electronic products, leather goods, toys, cosmetics, beautiful gifts, holiday promotional products, such as the outer horse mouth iron box (CAN).

4) All kinds of jewelry, fine, watches, knives, tableware and other products of the outer horse mouth iron box (CAN)

5) Dairy, health care products, condiments and other powder product iron box (CAN).

6) Other types of products outside the mouth of the Iron Box (CAN). has a strong technical strength and superb Seihan design technology, the use of upgrading the predecessor of the import printing equipment printing products, the correct color, the pattern is fine and clear; excellent automatic production line, can satisfy customers a variety of production requirements from the art design to printing cans as a whole.