How to select the box packaging manufacturers

- Sep 03, 2018-

First, whether there are many years of custom experience in the production of iron box

Production customization experience of the decision of the Iron box manufacturer design Service grade, high quality iron box products, only years of accumulated experience, to grasp the needs of customers, strict requirements of product quality, to create high-quality products.

Second, whether have mature production line and skilled workers

Mature production line needs from design, proofing, mold and other processes reasonable distribution, and skilled workers can be accurate, high-quality completion of these work, to ensure the quality of the box packaging and production efficiency.

Three, whether there are a variety of iron box mold

Mold Diversity for the iron box manufacturer is very important, how much of the mold determines what kind of iron box can be done, what kind of iron box can not be done. If the customer needs the iron box just as we have the mold, then eliminate the re-opening the mold this process, saving a lot of time and cost. But if a lot of molds are not, need to re-open the mold, then many customers consider the cost will choose the existing mold manufacturers, so it will be virtually the passing of many customers.