How to choose a tin jar manufacturers

- Sep 12, 2019-

The existence of candy is a long history. Nowadays, the candy is not only the snacks that used to be used by children. Nowadays, the candy is different in taste, shape and variety. The packaging is naturally from the simple oil paper to the present. All kinds of small packaging, gift boxes, and iron boxes are also developed in the candy industry in recent years. The iron boxed candy is not only beautiful in appearance, but also in various styles and convenient to carry. How to choose a packaging iron box that is both safe and in line with product positioning has become a concern of everyone.

As a responsible tin box manufacturer, we believe that we must consider the following tips:

1.Material safety

2. Design ability

3. Supply capacity

4. Good after-sales service

Our company designs, manufactures, sells and exports all kinds of exquisite tinplate metal packaging products. The company's health care products tin box, medicine iron box, tea iron box, tin box, candy iron box, egg roll iron box, cosmetic iron box Red jujube tin box, biscuit tin box, moon cake tin box, wine cans, etc. are widely used in health care, medicine, tea, food, cosmetics, agricultural products and other industries. Due to high cost performance, considerate service, numerous molds, high reputation and perfect equipment, the products have been exported to more than 20 countries in North and South America, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Our company has set up 5 self-developed fully automatic can production lines, which can produce more than 5 million kinds of exquisite tinplate packaging every month. The liberation of more labor has solved the problem of high labor costs in the canning industry, allowing customers to save on packaging costs. The design department brings together the iron box packaging industry planning, creativity, and design talents to ensure the comprehensive competitiveness of the iron box packaging enhancement products designed for customers. The technical department introduces foreign imported mold processing equipment and is equipped with experienced mold-making R&D talents to ensure the rapid development of new product development. The purchasing department directly purchases from the tinplate manufacturers, and there is no intermediate link layer deduction, and the quality and insured prices are used for raw material procurement. The technology department has excellent technology and rich experience, which ensures the safety of tinplate printing process. It develops new foreign printing technology every year to ensure that the new printing process is first applied in the iron box packaging market.