Benefits of iron box packaged food

- Sep 03, 2018-

Plastic box is a food grade material, it is recommended to use plastic box, if not food grade, the use of iron box. In addition, if you are packing food with food, the two kinds of packaging can be used! In fact, these two kinds of packaging equipment each have a good, but for frozen food, we suggest that everyone still choose iron box. The reason is that plastic boxes are not easy to thaw. Iron box heat transfer is faster. And the iron box is generally made of tin, than plastic box of plastic thickness to be small, in contrast, the heat conduction speed of the iron box is fast.

So the frozen food in the iron box is easy to thaw. Chewing gum is one of the world's oldest candies, is a natural gum or glycerin resin as the basis for colloid, adding syrup, mint, sweetener and other harmonic suppression of a person into the mouth chewing sugar.

In addition to paper packaging and plastic box packaging for packaging chewing gum, the remaining is the box of the packaging, with food tin packaging chewing gum can play a role? First, chewing gum food iron box design is not only exquisite and beautiful, and small size, convenient for you to carry.

No matter in any occasion, take out one or two tablets of chewing gum gently into the mouth, strong fruit and refreshing mint will let consumers exhausted, fresh breath, throat comfortable, energetic, with a happy mood to devote to work and life. Second, the use of food iron box packaging chewing gum relative to other paper, plastic packaging, the sealing is very strong, can be resolved in the cans of chewing gum easily impacted, collision caused by the trouble of crushing.

It also has good protection against water and fire, and can improve the shelf life of chewing gum. In addition, the exquisite iron box material belongs to the Environmental Protection series product, does not pollute the environment, facilitates the recycling, the Gum iron box inside and outside material hard, is resistant to wear, the packing surface printing color and the pattern, the text is not easy to fall off.  Consumers eat chewing gum to make them healthier and greener.